All-glass curtain wall
Name: All-glass curtain wall
Model: YF-03
Category: Glass curtain wall
Updated: 2010-07-27
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Also known as the Wu Kuang-wide glass curtain wall of glass walls. It is the main component of glass panels and glass rib, is a novel transparent all-glass structure. It makes room , The external visual into a space. All glass curtain walls in public buildings and hotels, office buildings in the lobby of the extensive application of the internal and external environment to a crisp Effect.

When the curtain wall is not high, generally not more than five meters, can support the lower part of the non-suspension system. When a greater height, in order to avoid the panel and rib The word too large and heavy compression deformation and loss of stability, to be hoisted by the support system.

This system has the specialized agencies hanging in the upper seize the glass, to ensure that Glass strength and stability. All glass curtain wall by 10 ~ 15 mm tempered glass as the panel, in order to energy-saving and noise, more and more of it with just hollow glass As the panel.